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                Home > About C&D > Social Responsibilities

                Social Responsibilities

                As a state-owned enterprise rooted in the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, adhering to the Spirit of the Marathon, Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd, while striving to do a good job in its operation and development, actively participated in public welfare undertakings, gave back to society with true love, fulfilled the social responsibilities of corporate citizenship conscientiously and demonstrated the role as a state-owned enterprise from donations to schools, disaster relief and poverty alleviation to supports for culture, sports, medical and health care, environmental protection and army building.

                ■    Overall title sponsorship for 2003 - 2018 Xiamen International Marathon, with a sponsorship amount of more than RMB 135 million

                ■    Donated RMB 2 billion to invest in the construction of a non-profit tertiary general hospital - Xiamen Humanity Hospital

                • ■    Established the C&D Real Estate Charity Fund with a total investment of RMB 51.8 million
                • ?
                • ■    Donated more than RMB 23 million to support reconstruction of earthquake-stricken areas in Wenchuan and Qinghai

                • ■    Invested more than RMB 10 million to help impoverished and vulnerable groups

                • ■    Invested more than RMB 20 million to support education

                • ■    Organized over 5,000 employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities

                • ■    Organized over 45,000 employees to participate in various types of charity activities
                • ?
                C&D is running towards a better future along with this beautiful city.