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                Home > Held Enterprises > Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Group Inc

                Xiamen Conference & Exhibition

                Group Inc

                C&D Corporation owns Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Xiamen International Conference Center and the concert hall of Xiamen International Conference Center, and these venues are now operated and managed by Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Group Inc. which is 100% controlled by C&D Corporation.

                Except the assets it owns, it is operating and managing by lease Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center, A development pattern of self-owned area operating, commissioned area operating, and self-holding exhibitions coexisting with conference reception service, advertisement designing and booth building and transportation has been formed. It has become a large-scale comprehensive conference and exhibition enterprise that has ranked among top ten of domestic exhibitions. And it has repeatedly won honorary titles such as "Top 10 Conference and Exhibition Group in China", "Top 10 Brand Conference and Exhibition Venue in China" and "Top 10 Most Influential Conference and Exhibition Enterprises in China".

                Please refer to the website of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. for more detailed information