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                Home > Held Enterprises > Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation

                Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels



                Established in 2003, Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation is specializing in investment, operation and management of tourism industry such as hotels, travel agencies, etc.

                C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation has "Yuehua" high-end hotel brand, "Yiho" boutique business hotel brand and "C&D International Travel Service" tourism comprehensive service brand. Currently, it is managing 30 hotels with over 5,000 guest rooms/suites. Its comprehensive strength has ranked first in the tourism industry in Fujian Province.

                The Incorporation has been accredited the titles such as "Top 10 Brand Hotel Management Companies" and "Most Influential Hotel Group" of Sino-foreign Hotels Platinum Award; "Yuehua" high-end hotel brand has been rated as the "Famous Brand of China Tourism" and "Top 10 National Brand Hotel Management Companies" of Sino-foreign Hotels Platinum Award; and the travel agency (C&D International Travel Service) has ranked 16 among Top 100 Travel Agencies in China.

                Please refer to the website of Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation for more detailed information: